Friday, January 16, 2009

Joe Rogan Elected to MLB Hall of Fame; Voters Cite "Fear Factor."

COOPERSTOWN--Garnering 76.4% support from BWAA voters (a total of 412 write-in votes), actor/comedian Joe Rogan, 41, has been elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Rogan’s election followed weeks of sparring among journalists, statisticians, and analysts, as the former Man Show host became the center of a heated debate surrounding Rogan’s Hall-worthiness. Following Rogan’s election,’s Jerry Crasnick explained that “whatever the sabrmetric community’s misgivings about electing someone who has never played pro baseball to the Hall of Fame, Rogan deserves to be in based on the Fear Factor alone. For 142 episodes, Joe Rogan meant fear to six unlucky contestants.” Asked how he feels about being elected to the Hall of Fame, Rogan expressed appreciation and added that he will spend the majority of his acceptance speech denouncing Carlos Mencia.

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