Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cancelled 2004-2005 NHL to be Played Retroactively on 'NHL 2005' for PlayStation 2

AIKEN—In a major announcement Friday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced that the locked-out 2004-2005 NHL season will be played, start to finish, on Playstation 2. “Though the NHL has rebounded admirably from the unfortunate lockout,” Bettman noted, “there is still a gap in our record book that must be filled. While I wish we could go back in time and play those games, that idea is, for various reason, untenable. To that end, I am glad to present the ‘NHL-PS2 Virtual Season Intitiative.” While the announcement that the season would be played on the best-selling hockey platform NHL 2005 was shocking enough, Bettman also took the opportunity to announce that he had hired twenty year old Taylor “T-Dog” Wells, a sophomore at the University of South Carolina-Aiken, to play the season. In defense of his choice, Bettman explained “the NHL, more than any other league, is about the average fan. I can see no better example of the average fan than Mr. Wells, an avid Hurricanes fan, a purchaser of official NHL licensed merchandise, and an American.” Bettman announced that Wells was scheduled to begin the season in early March and finish no later than midterms.

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